1. Why should I use a travel agent when everything is so easy online?
Many things are easy online.  But, Disney destinations are not your normal quick weekend getaway anymore.  There is so much to do and see. You can absolutely book your own trip online and never have any issues.  Many have done it but what about the special experiences you didn’t even realize were available to you because you never “clicked” on that link. There are always questions you didn’t even know to ask.

Why exhaust yourself trying to read all the information out there, deciding on what tips were actually the best?  How could I maximize my family’s time in the parks and get the most for our money?  When you have a destination like Disney World (which can include a trip to other theme park attractions in Orlando) or Disneyland or a Disney Cruise, there are SO many options and changes happening daily, why wouldn’t you want an “expert” to help you?

That’s what we give you – your TIME back; to spend with family instead of reading and researching when we’ve already done it! We spend time daily reviewing the most up to date information on new attractions, character availability, changes, and discounts for your next Disney vacation

Your trip is as vital and important to us as our own family’s vacation.  That kind of personal service is not something you can get from just online looking.

2. Why not just call Disney directly?
Why trust your vacation to a generic call center? What’s the difference between booking with an online travel company (Orbitz, Expedia, etc…) and Magical Wonders Vacations? SERVICE!  With Magical Wonders Vacations you have ONE person to deal with. ONE person accountable for your vacation. ONE person to handle all the details, questions, and follow-up. Nothing is worse than booking a vacation and having added stress and hassles dealing with a nameless person in a call center who doesn’t know you, and isn’t familiar with your reservation. There’s no benefit to you, the customer, to pay the same price (or more) for generic impersonalized service, when you can have one of our qualified and knowledgeable agents working for you personally.
3. What is the best time of year to travel?
The best time of year in terms of what? Crowds? Weather? Prices? Events? Let’s talk about the best time of year for YOUR family – will you take the kids out of school? Does your family absolutely LOVE Christmas? Are you foodies? Do you hate the heat? Are you Star Wars fans?  There are lots of reasons that may make it the best time of year for you – let’s talk!
4. How far in advance should I begin planning?
The best time to begin is as far in advance as possible as this will afford you the most options. Planning 6-8 months in advance will give you the most options, least stress and best overall vacation. Dining Reservations can be made 180 days in advance. HOWEVER, if you can only plan 2 months in advance, you can certainly have a wonderful vacation as well with just a few less options.
5. Is the Disney Dining Plan worth it?
We have visited Disney with and without the Dining Plan. We always tell our guests we will never go without it again.  BUT – that’s OUR preference. Let’s talk about YOUR family’s eating habits and preferences as well as your budget and decide if it’s the right choice for YOUR family.

One thing to consider is that, because you pay for it up front & can order from the full menu, you won’t need to pick and choose which entrée fits your budget better.  So while you are on vacation and enjoying all of the magic, you won’t be concerned about how much you are spending on this lunch or breakfast tomorrow.  You are truly free to sit back, relax soak in the magic, and enjoy your vacation.

6. What is a good age to take my kids?
In our opinion, every age is a great age to go to Disney.  But the question goes back to your motivation for a Walt Disney World vacation. If you are choosing to travel now so your children will remember it, you may want to wait until after they are age five. If YOU want to remember the wonder of their face when they meet Mickey or their favorite Disney princess, you may want to choose to travel now before they become apprehensive about interacting with the characters. We believe that EVERY Disney vacation is once in a lifetime because you’ll never go to this destination with your children at this age with these responses and enjoyment of the all the magic & wonder that is a Disney vacation.
7. What if I’ve already booked my vacation?
Hakuna Matata! No worries – If you have a Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney Cruise Line® or Adventures By Disney™ reservation already booked, you can still benefit from our services. As long as you booked your reservation yourself and within the last 30 days and haven’t paid in full, we will be happy to transfer your reservation. It’s a very simple process. Just click here.

NOTHING changes on your reservation at all except if we find promotional pricing that applies! Once received, we’ll submit it for processing and contact you when it’s complete. Then we can start discussing how to make this as Magical & Wonderful as possible.

8. Can we meet with you?
Definitely! We enjoy meeting our clients. However, we also understand that schedules sometimes get in the way. We are always available via email and over the phone.
9. Can I set up a payment plan with you?
Yes! We have many clients do just that.  We will also personalize your payment plan to your needs.
10. How do you secure my credit card information?
First and most importantly we request that you DO NOT e-mail, text, or privately Facebook your credit card information. We require that you call us on the phone directly. Secondly, we do not keep your credit card information on the computer. We will keep your credit card in your file for future use unless you ask us to shred the information.
11. Can you explain my Dining Plan Options?
Of course we can! There are three dining plans outlined for you in printable PDFs. Click HERE to download the  Disney Dining Plan, click HERE to download the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan and click HERE to download the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan.